SL430 Filled Pattern Wax  The Only Aerospace Wax Producer in China(replace imported wax)

SL430 Filled Pattern Wax  The Only Aerospace Wax Producer in China(replace imported wax)
SL430 is a filled pattern wax with 30% of inert polymer filler. It is suitable for industrial investment casting, has a low viscosity and can be used to produce thick and thin sections. The patterns can be accurately and consistently produced to tight tolerances with low levels of contraction and sinkage.
EXCELLENT DIMENSIONAL STABILITY - SL430 has superior dimensional stability because linear shrinkage and sinkage are reduced when using a filled pattern wax. Now it is used in high precision castings.
HIGH STRENGTH - SL430 patterns will maintain their shape even at elevated ambient temperatures. The patterns will not distort during handling, mounting and shelling. It is the first choice of high precision castings.
LOW ASH CONTENT - The ash level is below 0.03% ensuring there is no contamination to the metal.
HIGH PRODUCTION RATE - SL430 reproduces fine details accurately and has a smooth surface finish.
GOOD MOLD RELEASE - Mold release is fast and easy.
SL430 can be used in a paste condition to gain the benefits of a lower shrinkage and sinkage rate or injected as a liquid. Using at lower temperature speeds up the pattern production rate but liquid injection at a slightly higher temperature is recommended when injecting around ceramic cores.
Typical properties
Viscosity at 99 oC         IP71       150-300 cps     
Viscosity at 80 oC         IP71       450-750 cps         
Penetration at 25oC        IP49       3-4 dmm           
Softening Point            IP58       65-75℃     
Drop Melting Point         IP 371    73-80℃        
Congealing Point           IP76      62-65℃       
Filler Content              SPL       29.5-30.5%           
Water Content             SPL        ≤0.15%          
Ash Content               SPL        ≤0.03%                            
Shrinkage                             0.65-0.75%    
Form of Supply                        Pastilles
Recommended Injection Temperature
LIQUID       150 - 600 psi        70℃ to 85℃          
PASTE       150 - 600 psi        60℃ to 70℃