SL601 Pattern Wax Replacing Imported Wax

SL601 Pattern Wax Replacing Imported Wax
SL601 Pattern Wax is a non-filled pattern wax for industrial investment casting. This wax is produced with high production technology. The patterns can be accurately and consistently produced to tight tolerances.
1. Good fluidity and good formability, SL601 has a smooth surface finish and a accurately size.
2. SL601 is a fully recyclable wax, with excellent strength.
3. Applicable to a wide range, and has a good melting with other wax materials.
4. SL601 is a new wax material, low impurity content.
5. Good toughness, high strength, it can be used repeatedly; superior stability of shrinkage, surface finish, liquidity etc.
SL601 used in general silicon sol process, just like general industrial parts, hardware, tube valve parts, stitching machine parts, auto parts, aerospace pouring system etc.
Technical Specifications
Viscosity at 99 oC         IP71      70-100 cps     
Viscosity at 80 oC         IP71       180-280 cps         
Penetration at 25oC        IP49       4-7 dmm          
Softening Point            IP58       70-75℃     
Drop Melting Point         IP 371    80-88℃        
Congealing Point           IP76      60-63℃       
Filler Content              SPL                  
Water Content             SPL        ≤0.15%          
Ash Content               SPL        ≤0.03%                            
Shrinkage                             0.7-0.85%    
Form of Supply                        Pastilles
Recommended Parameters
Wax melting temperature 110℃-120℃ mixing time ≥  8 hours
Standing temperature 85℃-95℃   Standing time ≥ 12 hours
Soaking temperature 55℃-65℃   Soaking time ≥ 8 hours