SL901 New Pattern Wax Replacing Imported Waxes

SL901 New Pattern Wax Replacing Imported Waxes
SL901 Pattern Wax is a non-filled pattern wax for industrial investment casting. This wax is produced with high production technology. The patterns can be accurately and consistently produced to tight tolerances.
EXCELLENT DIMENSIONAL STABILITY – SL901 has superior dimensional stability because linear shrinkage and sinkage are kept to a minimum.
HIGH STRENGTH – SL901 patterns will maintain their shape even at elevated ambient temperatures. The patterns will not distort during handling, mounting and shelling.
LOW ASH CONTENT - The ash level is below 0.03% ensuring there is no contamination to the metal.
HIGH PRODUCTION RATE – SL901 reproduces fine details accurately and has a smooth surface finish.
GOOD MOLD RELEASE - Mold release is fast and easy.
SL901 used in hollow and solid golf-club head, stitching machine parts, auto parts, tools, with excellent flexibility, tack-free, no surface sinkage.
Technical Specifications
Viscosity at 99 oC         IP71     70-95 cps     
Viscosity at 80 oC         IP71       250-300 cps         
Penetration at 25oC        IP49       3-5 dmm          
Softening Point            IP58       70-75℃     
Drop Melting Point         IP 371    75-85℃        
Congealing Point           IP76      65-75℃       
Filler Content              SPL                  
Water Content             SPL        ≤0.15%          
Ash Content               SPL        ≤0.03%                            
Shrinkage                             0.7-0.85%    
Form of Supply                        Pastilles
Recommended Parameters
Wax melting temperature 110℃-120℃ mixing time ≥  8 hours
Standing temperature 85℃-95℃   Standing time ≥ 12 hours
Soaking temperature 55℃-65℃   Soaking time ≥ 24 hours