Qingdao's new casting Mstar Technology Ltd was founded in March 28, 2013, the company covers an area of 66000 square meters, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, a total investment of 80 million yuan. The company is located in Meishan Road, Shandong Qingdao Province, Laixi City Economic Development Zone No. 8, is a set of precision casting materials research, development, production, sales and service, the old wax purification treatment in one of the high-tech enterprises, aerospace precision casting wax manufacturers, Chinese first introduced the British advanced technology, now has 8 patents of utility model and 4 patents.
At present, through the ISO9001 quality assurance system certification and ISO14000 environmental protection system certification, in 2015 has been identified as high-tech enterprises, in 2016, Qingdao identified enterprise technology center, participated in the drafting of a number of precision casting middle temperature wax national standard.
The new channel has entered Europe through foreign nuok casting wax market, signed three cooperation agreement with German agents MORSA and sales agreement of intent reached 1000 tons a year of wax casting. The product has got the qualified inspection report of EU export products in October 28, 2015.
Our company has mastered the international advanced casting technology and material production technology, breaking the foreign domestic investment casting materials in the field of technical blockade, to fill the gaps in the country.